Movie Review-Lake Fear (DVD)

Review-If you feel like you have seen “ Lake Fear” before, it is probably because you have in one way or another. I am guessing that the new title for this film was a way to hide what the critics said about the film in the original go around in 2014. “ A Haunting at Cypress Creek” is a very interesting film with very little originality. You have the story of four teenage girls who want to go hang out in this abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere in the woods. They lie to their parents and of course they get away with it. The film has no pacing. The feel of this film is confusion. You have to assume that all people involved were clueless during production. The acting is very bad. At one point, you just feel they are not even trying. My issue is that, we have seen this concept countless times. Chances are, the director has seen this countless times as well. Why not, spruce it up or try to inject something of your own into it? It is like painting in the lines of someone else’s art. You can tell this is four people trying to act. There is not one scene in this film that feels compelling or keeps your attention. The horror element we get is so ordinary. It falls into the category of redundant. This film felt like a bad dream, that I really wish I would not have fell asleep for.