Movie Review-Kong: Skull Island (BD) [Blu-ray]

Review-For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many critics had such an issue with this film. I have come to the understanding that people these days are not happy in their own skin. They feel like the issue can never be them. It has to be the cd, the musician, the television show, the star, the film and the actor. Never them though. They are never the issue. They are smarter than the film, have to nit pick everything and will not fall for the excitement that others have. What if, we could all nit pick each other? Nevermind, we all do already. Today’s so called film fans all have a mom and pop blog with zero hits and will hate on the film and feel good about themselves in that one moment. Gripe aside…”Kong: Skull Island” is such an important piece of this “ MonsterVerse” that Legendary seems to be creating. Our first taste came with Gareth Edwards’ very impressive “ Godzilla”. You would expect the next chapter in this story to feel the same as the predecessor. Strangely enough, “ Kong: Skull Island” is a truly different monster. This film gives fans the things we have come to expect from King Kong, we have the fights, the action packed sequences and most of all the mystery of the character. This film is set in 1973. We meet British Special Captain James Conrad. He is hired by a government administrative official named Bill Randa.

The job is to go on a expedition on this uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean known as “ Skull Island”. Captain Conrad leads a group to go on this mission. This film takes the first chapter of the MonsterVerse and adds a depth to the story. We meet several creatures on the island, most of them are very violent and grotesque. The main monster is known as Alpha Skullcrawler. This four legged monster is very fast and loves to attack. The main fight in the film is Alpha vs Kong. That fight does not let us down. The film I feel has some very nostalgic filled moments that will make long time fans happy. The film does try to capture some of the moments in history and modernize them. Which I was fine with. I will admit at times the logic of this film seems very odd. The fight sequences I feel delivered. You have some very cool monster fight moments that really push that PG 13 boundary a little. This film could have been an easy R. Where the history of the character was more story based, and built up slowly. This film just jumps us into the story. It basically hits the ground running. I had no issue with that in terms of the creature, but I wish we had more backstory of the characters. The ending credit scene was really the kicker. To know where we are going next with the story has my attention. This is clearly a vision that Warner Bros plan on seeing all the way thru. Whatever it takes to get to “ King Kong vs Godzilla” is going to be a roller coaster. I have to say that I am excited as a fan that this is on blu ray. This is clearly a film that has repeat viewing potential.

9 out of 10