Movie Review-Free Fire (Blu Ray)

Coming out this Tuesday

Review-I feel “ Free Fire” is under the assumption that it is more fun than it delivers. Sam Riley and Brie Larson give two great performances. This film is like being hungry and eating a candy bar for dinner. The film opens with so much promise and potential. You have the slimy duo of Stevo and Bernie who are driving thru Boston to meet a group of Irish Republicans. It seems they are out to strike a deal on some weapons (mainly guns). Everything seems to be going without a hitch till…Stevo notices that one of the guys left him bloodied last night and after he sexually assaulted his sister. This opens up a war between the two groups. This film is never quite sure what it truly intended to be. The film starts off rather slowly with some clever dialogue to loop us in. Then the pace of the film changes to this obnoxious mess. The direction of this film is such a downer. I will say that the charisma on screen saves the film from being a truly unwatchable affair. This film needed someone to come in and get it off the rails. The dialogue is fair, the cast is up to task, but the energy of this film is just so odd. This film starts off wanting to be “ American Hustle” and ends up trying to be something so different. Larson steals this film, and really feels like she is carrying the film on her shoulders.

I wish this film would have found a center and kept it in there. This film is never quite sure of what message it is trying to send, nor how to even send a message. This film needed more dark humor or situations to make it feel like it was trying to be different. Instead, this film feels like an unsure director got behind the camera and could never find out what could make his film work. In the end, this film I will give it a fair barely recommend, but I will say the positives to this film are going to involve the viewer having a ton of patience to get to them. This film though has a strong third act that while kinetic was at least good enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. I just wish this film would have been more like that as well.

7 out of 10