Movie Review-Forest of the Vampire (DVD)

Review-John R Hand is a good example of this movement in the south of hungry directors who want to give us horror in their own vision. “ Forest of the Vampire” has so much passion and a director who has a very unique imagination. The story is your basic tale of kids who go in the woods for a hiking trip. They stumble upon this territory of which a vampire exists. It seems he has this ancient amulet that has power over his victims. This film is beautiful visually. The man knows how to capture the look and feel of a horror film. The issue with this film is that the acting is just not there. It feels like the actors tried way too hard to sell us on their parts till about halfway thru the film. It seemed that they were starting to give up and just go with the general direction of the story. Which is a shame. This film is not an overall bad experience. I know the do gooder critics are going to tear this film up, but yet they have yet to direct a film or put their money into their dream. I feel if people can work with “ Annabelle” and “ The Gallows”, why not give this film a shot?

I feel for the look and feel of this film, it may keep people involved enough to overlook the negatives. The biggest positive about this film is the last ten minutes. No matter what feeling you have during this film, the last few minutes are just so impressive and clearly opens the door to go further into this story. I feel if the man had a budget and some people working with him who have experience in things like editing and pace setting, John has the natural talent to make magic. I will consider this film like my first sexual encounter. He was excited about the story and material, he gave me enough to make me want to see more. The negatives are works in progress. Visually he provided me an escape. Horror wise, he kept my attention. Everything else, we can chalk it up to an indie film director wanting to impress an audience and clearly trying too hard. What is wrong with that? It is clearly better than not trying at all..