Movie Review-Devil’s Domain [Blu-ray]

Review-Jared Cohn is one of those directors that I feel gets overlooked. I feel some of his harshest critics are not really judging his work fairly. I have seen some critics give him all this advice and tips, he uses it in his next film and they still attack him? The man seems to never be able to catch a break. I will admit it shocks me that his “ Horde” film did not do better. People who were so sick of “ Wrong Turn” and where the sequels were heading, should have gave that film a shot. It was like if Canon films decided to make a sequel. The film was clearly one of Jared’s finest moments, and it seemed that no one really caught on with it. I feel that blow really put a dent in his confidence and it shows with his latest film, “ Devil’s Domain”. This film is not a bad film, it just feels like a director who is trying to find his voice . This film centers on a girl named Lisa Pomson. The film addresses school bullying as we watch what she goes thru . We learn that things were not always like this, that a while back, these people were her friends. We rea;;u are never quite sure why she is being picked on so much. Her life is about to get even worst as one of her former friends come over to her house and pretends to be sorry for how he treated her in school.

The whole time this is going down, he is placing cameras in her bedroom and bathroom. The videos are posted online for everyone in school to further attack her. Lisa is told to “ Just kill herself”, which she attempts to do. As this is about to go down a stranger comes up to her and saves her. Her name is Destiny aka “ The most badass bitch in the universe”. Now, it is time to get some revenge on the ones who caused her pain. This is not a bad film. If you are into Jared, you will dig his latest film. The film has enough violence and horror to keep most fans happy. The plot and acting is the issue. The plot is so paper thin with little to no depth, and the acting cannot save itself. This film feels so unsure of itself at times, that I was thinking Cohn was going thru an identity crisis and was trying to figure it out on the fly. If you want a cheap indie horror film that will deliver somewhat, this is not a bad film. Just go into with lower expectations. If you are a hater of the man and his work, this will not convert you. I really feel that Cohn needs to find his passion and get back to where he feels comfortable at, not films he seems to put out just to have his name out there.

7 out of 10