Movie Review-Death Rot (DVD)

Review-Let’s be honest for a second. With a title like “ Death Rot” and the artwork on the cover, you know this film is not going for an Oscar. This film is only out for one goal, to entertain the viewer. Does this film do it? I feel as a film fan first and a critic last, this film is fun enough for a watch. “ Death Rot” is the name of a death metal band. Who just so happen to have their bus break down in the middle of nowhere. All the common scenarios exist as they have no cellphone service and have to look for help in different directions. It seems our band meet some people who are not happy with them. The locals decide to try and kill them only to sell their flesh. Will our rockers survive this? The biggest positive in this film is that it did not get to a level of preachy. It seems that when we have these horror films that implement death metal scenarios, they become overly preachy.

This film while tackling the Christianity vs death metal path, it does it very lightly. This film has the right amount of humor and is basically your backyard slasher film that is nothing more or less. The writing in this film was handled fairly well. This film has dialogue that feels fresh enough to play out in scenarios that are not fresh. This film was low budget, and funny enough it is very proud of the fact. This film does not try to overstep itself and become a clone, it is familiar at times, but yet unique enough that you feel comfortable that this film is going to keep you biting the nails. This film is not perfect, but this film is effective and obnoxiously entertaining. I will get a ton of flack, but I preferred this over “ Deathgasm” and the Metal Zombie film out of Texas that I forget the name but it sucked. Wild Eye Entertainment has always been on the pulse of where I feel indie films are heading. This film being no exception. This film is a fun little unwind film that if you let it entertain you, it will.

8 out of 10