Movie Review-Black Butterfly [Blu-ray]

Coming to video on July 25th

Review-It seems that Antonio Banderas needs to fire his agent. In the last decade, the only smart career move he has made was to play “ Puss in Boots”. I could see Bruce Willis and John Cusack milking the direct to dvd market. I could even see Nicholas Cage and John Travolta doing it as well. Antonio Banderas? That is a shock to me. In this direct to video lost cause, he plays Paul who happens to be the stereotypical alcoholic writer who suffers from writer’s block. (He also suffers from acting block as well) The film has an odd way of translating this scenario. As the film opens we see a shot of him leaning into his typewriter with the words that are written being, “ I am stuck” and this is written over and over again. The plot is so overwritten and just drawn out. It involves Paul who invites this drifter named Jack to his house to stay. We are never given any reason as to why this is happening. Jack is the type of guy, if you seen him on the side of the road you would stay your distance. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the part so obnoxiously obvious. The overacting has a certain cheese factor to it. The problem is that Banderas is playing it so straight, that the two clash instead of gel. While hanging out at the house, Jack learns that Paul is trying to write a new screenplay to pay off his debts. So, Jack wants to pitch the idea that the story should be about how they met.

As the film goes forward, we watch the film turn into this suspenseful film with odd tension, that just comes right out of left field. Paul seems to take the guy hostage along with this realtor named Laura. Laura is played by Piper Perabo and is so wasted in this film. Of course, we learn that this town has a rash of murders recently. To be perfectly honest, this film is stupid. (First time in 7 years, I ever used that in a review) The plot is inconceivable. Antonio passing off as a writer has zero believably. Piper coming in this film with zero backstory, beside all of a sudden to make this film more of a mess we learn that Banderas has a crush on her. This film needed help. It needed help from the acting, the script, the pacing and most of all the director. It seems that there was zero chemistry, which I feel seems to have come from a lack of communication. This film needed more structure and style. It needed consistency. Instead, it felt like the cliff notes to a quick cash route. If you are curious, and the trailer does a great job of selling this film. I would say, seek out other fare. This film is just a waste of time. It is utterly pretentious and boring. What a career move for Puss in Boots. I would assume his divorce was better acted.

4 out of 10