Movie Review-Bag Boy Lover Boy (Blu-ray)

Review-I have to admit for this review, the fan in me will overshadow the critic. 3 years ago, I heard so much hype about this little film called “ Bag Boy Lover Boy”. I spoke to the director and at the time he was telling me the film was close to being signed and I would get a blu ray or dvd. I never heard back. To be honest, I truly forgot about it. Then, I got the blu ray in the mail, some 3 years later. I could not open this up fast enough. And I will be truly honest, this film did not let me down. The film is about a weird looking guy named Albert, who is a sort of loser in the state of New York. He is a hot dog vendor and has a shoebox of a place to stay. He is the epitome of a slacker. He gets by on what he has. He does not dream or have hopes of bettering himself. He has a crush of sorts on a girl named Lexy. Lexy seems to like him because he lets her eat for free. Life is about to change as he meets a photographer named Ivan. Ivan sees something special in Albert’s oddness. He makes him his model in a series of bizarre photo shoots.

Ivan has to leave town for a few days. Since Albert is lonely, he decides the best way to pick up girls is to pretend he is a photographer. This film is the epitome of fun. The performances in this film sell this tale so well. This is one of those movies, you are not quite sure where it is going but you are insanely prepared for something to catch your attention. This film has the look and feel of the 70’s and how New York was portrayed. This film has everything going good for it. There is not one moment of this film that I felt was wasted. This has all the markings of a cult classic. I feel with the way the market for odd films is declining, this film could be the “ Citizen Kane” to usher them back. If you are looking for something dark and odd, this is the next stop you need to take. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who thinks they have seen it all in film. This film makes me proud to be a fan first, and a critic last. Everyone involved should take a huge bow and know they made something special. ( I was so vague in my description of the film for the simple reason, I want you to watch this film knowing the surface. This film has so much more involved in the storytelling. I wanted you to experience it the way I did. )

9 out of 10

  • iTheodore

    Why, thank you for such a robust endorsement! So glad you enjoyed it!