TV Review-Hee Haw-Pfft! You Was Gone

This was silly slapstick mixed with country music in a good clean family oriented program that was meant to cater to any age or audience. The show really piled on the dumb factor but it was so hilarious you did not seem to mind or care, this show was put on the network to give people a laugh. It showcased some of the most celebrated performers in country music. You would say it played out like the Nashville version of Midnight Special with some Grand Ole Opry flair thrown in. You had Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones and so many more that become not only household names but cultural icons. You could clearly see that they were aiming this show as the counter to Saturday Night Live in the later days, but you can just tell that the people involved and on camera were one big family. To watch this dvd set brought tears to my eyes and made me ponder about my youth and watching this show with my parents. I remember this coming on and afterwards was Sha Na Na…I am begging no Sha Na Na box set or dvds. All in all, Hee Haw was an amazing and fun trip I took thru all these discs of entertainment. I will say if you have no recollection of this show or this was before your time, if you are into country music and dumb humor this is a must watch. Plus for me, the big bonus was to see Johnny Cash on this show. We also get Conway Twitty, but Johnny Cash to me could do no wrong in life. For that reason only, I can say right now, Salute! is a must watch, plus you have all the silliness that Hee Haw was known for. Talk about what today’s television is missing. This show is such a treasure on the stamp of this nation.

9 out of 10