The Dark Tapes Available on DVD and Redbox on July 4th

Before you read all the stuff that came in the press release….This film played our festival two years ago. It was very well liked by all the critics. This film can be a very big deal if you are a fan of found footage horror. Read the specs and if you dig what they say…—dvd

A horrifying blend of terror and mayhem which takes you on a twisted journey into the world of paranormal activity, demonic possessions, and the supernatural.

Contents: DVD of the Feature

Two Audio Tracks: 5.1 Surround Sound, 2.0 Stereo

Two Subtitle Tracks: English, Spanish

Bonus Materials: Official Trailer

Brittany Underwood, Cortney Palm, David Hull, Meredith Thomas

Michael McQuown, Vincent J. Guastini

Amon Zia Mahmud, Haldane Morris, Michael McQuown, Nicola Odeku, Vincent J. Guastini

Michael McQuown