Movie Review-The Lawnmower Man [Collector’s Edition] [Blu-ray]

Review-” The Lawnmower Man” is a film that came out in 1992, based very loosely on a Stephen King short story. The controversy this film had in its initial release was that the use of King’s name was misleading. I was one of the people who went opening night to see this at the theater. My motives were easy, I had a crush on Jenny Wright. This film would also be one of the last films that I can recall seeing her in. To my knowledge, this was the first film to really capitalize on “virtual reality” and the technology behind it. The computer animation sequences in this film are the stars. Fast forward to 2017. This is the first time I have seen this film since it’s initial run in 1992. I will say right now, it has not aged well. The story seems hokey when you think about how far we have taken the computer age since 1992. The acting from Fahey, Brosnan and even Wright just does not have the punch it had in that first watching. I went with the director’s cut of the film, which seems to add more to the virtual reality scenes that included the sexual nature. The special effects seem really dialed down. For a film that was supposed to bring us to a new age of cinema, it seems very lackluster. The plot of this film is so paper thin and lacks any emotion. We meet Dr. Lawrence Angelo who is wanting to work with intelligence enhancement. He works for a company named Cybertech.

They been working on chimps using secret chemicals and drugs while putting them in computerized environments. We learn that this makes the chimps not only smarter, but also very aggressive and lose control of their minds. The doctor decides he wants to try this on a human guinea pig. So, he picks that guy who mows his lawn, the very kind but mentally off Jobe Smith. Jobe has the stereotypical story, he is picked on and bullied but befriends a young kid. As Dr. Angelo starts this treatment stage with Jobe, he gets smarter and changes. Somehow or another, Jobe also develops extrasensory gifts as well. He has telepathy and can make sex fantasies. This film has a saving grace, some of the acting is not so bad. Brosnan tries his best to work with the material. Wright, who I forgave for “ Out of Bounds” does more of the same here. She is acting as a shadow for the two stars. Which is sad, considering that she has so much to offer. This film has to be one of the worst King adaptations. Not the worst, but one of them. This film should be passed over. If you are a fan of the version you saw in the theaters back in 1992, trust me, leave it there.