Movie Review-The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: The Movie (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-Before I write the review, I have to explain why I am so late. I got the film in the mail 2 weeks or so ago to review. Then, I found out that before I see this film I have to see the first season of the anime show. I was talking to some people online during the first season to get their feedback as well. I wanted to gauge what I felt with what others are saying. This is where the fun of this begins. Some people were so over the top on how awesome the anime show is, and some were not so over the top. I found the first season to be fair. I thought the story did drag a little towards the middle but the end of the first season had me excited about this film. The issues I had with the anime show seem to be addressed in this film and changed. I felt that Haruchi spent most of the time just bossing people around and coming across as bland. Most of the characters were just so damn annoying to me. So, I finally got to watch the film today. I have to say this, the movie is amazing. It is far beyond anything I could have predicted. I am doubting now this was even the same anime that I endured the first season. We get a coming of age story for some of the characters, and a coming to reality story for Haruchi.

The annoying aspects of the show are long gone. In the place is a story that starts off fresh and develops both emotionally and visually. I loved the time travelling aspect of the story. We also get to see a growth in the characters and such a great pacing for this film. The negative to the film is you have to watch the series to understand the movie. I wish this was more of a stand alone film. I feel people who felt like me about the television show, may not be so apt to want to watch this film. This film was nothing short of a remarkable journey that I am glad I got to take. This film makes me want to see if the show could improve now that I have seen this film. I will say this, this is one of the better anime films I have seen this year. I really loved how involved I was with the story and how inviting both the characters and look of the film were.

9 out of 10