Movie Review-Evil Ed (Special Edition Blu Ray)

Review-The 80’s were an amazing time for film. We did not have an IMDB, or the age of the internet critic. We had people who flocked into video stores and wanted to take home films and be entertained. You could go in the video store for one movie, and leave with three different ones. You had people who you could talk to about film. Every street corner had a video store. It was a time that as a movie fan, you did not want to see end. Sadly, in 2017 we have a different time. We have the age of the internet. A device that was meant to further us. A device that was supposed to bring us to the “space age”, as it was first brought to our attention in 1986. The computer has clearly destroyed the things we once thought were fun and replaced them with utter depression along with people who want to be the smartest person in the room. Films like “ Evil Ed” understand that era and respect it. This film was released 22 years ago, and still holds up to this day. Arrow has released a “ Special EDition” of this film. Which is basically an extended cut and some pretty rad special features. So, the question is…” Who is Evil Ed”? Edward is a film technician who is a fan of his job.

Soon, things change when he is forced to edit footage from the “ Splatter and Gore department”. Ed starts to lose his grip on reality while doing this footage. This film is a gore lover wet dream. It has such a dark humor base like “ Evil Dead 2” and “ Dead/Alive”. This film works on the fact that horror fans want to be disturbed. This film is disturbing and over the top. The pacing is erratic at times, which this film needs. The acting is just pure gold. This film has some of the most awkward yet eye rolling dialogue that just works. This film shows us how gentle the sanity balance truly is. I have to say in terms of the Arrow releases, this is the must own. I would put this with the upcoming “ Reanimator” release as the big title of the year. This film from start to finish is a great roller coaster ride into hell. This film is insane, gross and truly for a certain type of fan, that fan is me. I love this style of film so much. I know we are in a era of watered down and neutered film making. That is why a film like this should be a treasure.

9 out of 10