Movie Review-Death Line (Blu Ray)

Review-Gary Sherman is one of those directors that really knows how to romance an audience into his vision. He has given us so few films, but the ones he gave us have been something to talk about. Whether it was the very underrated “ Poltergeist 3” or one of the best New World films in “ Wanted Dead or Alive”. (The film that showcased Gene Simmons can play the perfect villain, as did Runaway) . “ Raw Meat” was his first feature film that I feel opened a door for him to explore in his follow up 9 years later “ Dead and Buried”. The tone of this film is very dark. You can almost sense a dire depression in the air with the way the material feels. We see London in a very scary light when we see people disappearing and the underground of the tunnels having something that could be the cause of this. I would assume films like this were the basis of later films like “ CHUD” and other horror films in that vein. The film moves at a very slow pace, which may not be to everyone’s liking at first. I say at first, because when this film gets to the horror elements, it does not get shy.

It offers some pretty intense gore for its time. You can clearly tell it was inspired by Herschell Gordon Lewis in the aspect that it really wants to make the audience feel uneasy. The acting in this film was fair. I did not mind that the film did feel a little on the cheese side more than serious. This film clearly wanted the audience to have a good time, and was not scared to give it to them. I did find the second half of the film as the lesser. It just felt so unsure of where it wanted to go. Where I felt the story in the first half was more competent and everything had some kind of purpose. I felt by the second act that everything really lost a sense of meaning and the film wanted to give the audience more of a jolt than anything solid. Would I recommend people to see this film? I will say this, I was at the opening night of Tom Cruise’s new film, “ The Mummy”. If people are paying 11.00 a ticket to see that mess, why not pay a few dollars more and own this fun little horror film that will deliver a few moments where you will be speechless.

7.5 out of 10