Movie Review-Cannibal Messiah (DVD)

Review-No matter how many diatribes I can go on about where the fucking horror genre seems to be heading, nobody fucking listens. They all race off like jackoffs to support some Hollywood crap, but ignore the indie films. NEWSFLASH-The internet was supposed to make us smarter and more advanced. It was not supposed to be the death nail to all the things we hold dearly. Who suffers for the internet age? We as film lovers and also music fans. Who also suffers are indie studios like SRS Cinema. Films like “ Cannibal Messiah”. When you go into the video store and see that insane cover art and think, “ fuck sanity, I have to see this fucked up film”. If you want something different and unique, look no further. While you sit in your underwear at home and jack off to lame ass films like “ The Bye Bye Man” and race to go online to spoil the ending and think you are fucking Roger Ebert, this is a film that deserves to be seen. We have this guy who forces two filmmakers who filmed his brother’s death to take him to the place in the forest where they seen him last. They run into this hermit who tells them about the local cannibals. One of the filmmakers is attacked and gets nursed back to health by the hermit.

During this time, he trains the director in cannibalism. Soon enough, the filmmaker starts to find his own tribe of cannibals. This film throws so many directions at you. I do not want to go further into the story and spoil the fun you will have watching this film. The problem is this film is not for everyone. Then again, name a film released by SRS that is intended for all audiences. These films are a different breed of horror. A most honest and intense vision. The humor in this film is very awkward and yet very dark. The film has cannibal and messiah in the title, you know the gross out factor is there. You can tell this film was shot in a very low budget sort of way. This is much like bringing the school prom queen to a rundown dive for anal. The film has an appeal that I found to be fun and exciting. The acting was questionable but it could have been worst. I guess that would be the safe way to put it. This film is trashy fun at its highest peak. I think exploitation fans would have a time watching this film. I have to recommend it, just for how bat shit insane it truly is. Now, let me get back to my diatribe about how all other critics suck but I am great.

8 out of 10