Movie Review-Abandoned Dead (DVD)

Review-The feeling you have when you go somewhere that seems so familiar to you, and then you come to a realization you never been there before. You cannot shake off the feeling that you feel you have been there before. That was the feeling I had watching “ Abandoned Dead”, the latest film by the mad geniuses at Wild Eye Releasing. The debut film for Mark W Curran finds a young security guard named Rachel Burke who is assigned to a run down clinic. We learn that she has a fear of both being alone and the darkness. These two fears work very well when working in a run down addiction clinic deep in the underbelly of California. Where most directors would want to shoot their wad too soon, Mark seems to be very patient with both the material and the acting talent of Sarah Nicklin. He gives her plenty to work thru as she goes thru all these corridors and rooms to investigate things that go bump in the night.

Each investigation, you feel the rubber band around your finger getting tighter and tighter. This film does follow past films as we watch Rachel want to escape but cannot. We watch her face her demons and try to be strong. We get added flashbacks and memories to build a depth to the story. We also get a plot that seems too smart for this film. It made me realize that this film is not made for one watch, the director wants you to watch it again to see if you pick up on things you may have missed. This film has a very dark and dread filled tone. This is not one of those horror films that talks a good game, this is the one that delivers a good game. While, I did find myself confused by some of the twists this film takes, I am beginning to think that is the beauty of them. They are meant to make the viewer want to revisit this film. If your viewing choices are the “ Blair Witch” or “ The Bye Bye Man”. I would scrap both and seek this film out. It is both smart and well executed. It has a creepiness to it, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This solidifies the scream queen moniker for Sarah. How is she not in bigger fare by now? This film is well worth a watch and I would say go buy it, and then watch it again. If this is a debut film, I am dying to see what a follow up is…..

8 out of 10

  • Rosemary Cox-Fallon

    Beautiful!! Congratulations Mark W. Curran!