Movie Review-A Cure For Wellness [Blu-ray]

Review-What is the blame of the failure of “ A Cure For Wellness” connecting with American audiences? Let us start with the usual suspects. 1. The Trailer. It could be just me, but the initial trailer I saw of this film seemed very “ Shutter Island” like. There was nothing in the trailer that stood out to me. 2. The Running Time. You are asking a crowd known for short attention spans to invest 2 and a half hour into a film that feels very much like films they seen before? 3. Word of Mouth. Let’s be honest, the age of the internet critic is not going away. Every idiot now is a critic. The initial word of mouth was mostly negative. Did these people actually watch the film? Unsure, but they claimed they did. 4. The director. Gore Verbinski is a great director. The man gave us one of the better horror remakes with “ The Ring”. When his heart is in a project, it really shines. When his heart is nowhere near the project, it tends to be forgotten. I feel this is very much that last statement. Is this film a bad movie? I feel the negative criticism was more nitpicking than being film fans. This is a very long story that conceptually works fairly well. You can see that ambition was all over the conceptual stages of this film. I feel for Verbinski, he was not truly ready for a project like this. The film revolves around a young executive named Lockhart. He is sent to this wellness center to find his company’s CEO. We learn that Mr Pembroke has been at this facility for a very long time in the Swiss Alps. When Lockhart arrives he feels this is some sort of resort. He sees older people getting massaged, relaxing and constantly drinking water.

He eventually finds Pembroke, but he is unwilling to leave this spa. Soon, after a bad car accident it seems that Lockhart is also there with a bad leg break. Lockhart becomes wary of all that is going in this wellness center. His paranoia heightens when he meets a girl named Hannah, who is a young patient who is living off a thick brown like liquid that she refers to as her vitamins. As Lockhart is becoming skeptical, Dr. Volmer who runs the facility is becoming suspicious of Lockhart. The film has a very dark tone, almost like a grotesque one you can say minus the blood. The mood of this film seems bleak, even when the sequences are not. This film has one huge negative, it seems to become repetitive of itself. The first half of the film I found the stronger of the two. It seems that all becomes lost by the second act of the film. The acting in this film is fair, I feel that if this film was cut to 1 hour and 43 minutes, it could still tell the same story but be more effective. All things considered, this is not the turkey that everyone claimed it was. It had me at the edge of my seat one moment and turning my head the next. The film should be seen by a horror crowd. I feel they would be the ones who may appreciate it the most. This is also one of those films to turn off all distractions and pay attention. This film is like a novel, you have to be part of it to truly appreciate the experience.

8 out of 10