Blu Ray Review-RWBY: Volume 4

Review-I was sad to learn about the death of Mounty Oum the creator of this series. I loved the first two volumes but when I heard the news, my fears were they would stop it or it would never be as good as it has been. I have reviewed a ton of Rooster Teeth stuff in the past and by far they have this odd sense of humor that gets dark and odd but yet is so fresh and different that I feel they have so much potential. To compare this show to another anime show is unfair. While other anime shows have huge budgets and very well development, this brand called Roosterteeth is growing and I feel in time can be a major contender. After a very long hiatus, I am proud to say Volume 4 is upon us and it is so well worth all the wait. The series begins with the Vytal Festival Tournament which has been hinted on and built since the beginning. The majority of this season is spent in this tournament. While this is not a bad, the best thing is that we get some new characters and the story moving forward. The big fear losing the main person involved in the direction of this show, was that it would get lost with them. The show seemed this season to be more focus and expanding upon its promise in the early seasons. The first few episodes of this season start off with a black cloud of sorts overhead.

You just know something is coming, but you are not quite sure when and where. After episode five, the darker elements get invited into the story and it really hits its emotional high. Fans will be excited for the moving forward of the story, and that they took so many chances that paid off hugely. This season just felt more complete, while the two previous seasons were flat out amazing, this one just felt like the story is evolving and that you are not quite sure what can happen next. That was the biggest shock to this season was all the twists and turns that were brought to us. It really took so many gambles that most shows would never take, and they were all successful. This was well worth the wait, and I feel any person who loved this before, is really going to love it more now. This season, if you were not a fan before now or have no idea what I am talking about, you really need to seek out this blu ray collection. You will not be let down at all.

10 out of 10