Television Review-Ice: Season 1

Review-”Ice” is proof that sometimes you can have all the right ingredients and the supper may not be the best. You have the director of “ Training Day” and a star studded cast but yet with all the style and flair this show has, it just seems flat. As I watched this first season, I just felt like this show was trying to fit in with every other show of its ilk. This show is set in Los Angeles and has this very dark feel to it. The drama on this show ranges from fairly effective to overly used. The plot-lines that are on this show are so overdone and overused. We watch the setup for this show in the form of a diamond smuggler being killed by mistake. From there, we meet the Green family who are diamond dealers for many generations. Now, they are under the watch of a crime boss. The dialogue is so dismal and uninspiring. This show is just full of cliches and failure to execute on what it has to offer. This show has such a lack of passion and does not pack any sort of punch. It feels that they wanted a very standard neutered television show as a passer by or when you are bored tune in to this kind of deal. I wanted this show to produce on the fact that the cast is so established. Jeremy Sisto and Donald Sutherland are the only two who really feel like they are passionate about the show, while everyone else seems to be phoning it in. This show claims to be offering us an insider look into the world of diamond dealing, but it felt more like a standard video you can watch as you get a job at a retail store. They had zero depth to the story or the characters. When this show decided to try and throw a twist at us, it felt more desperate than efficient.

4 out of 10