Movie Reviews-Dark Waters (Blu Ray)…Drinking Games (DVD)….Silver Cell (DVD)

Review-” Dark Waters” was the film I was looking forward to the most. This film throughout the years had so much love and admiration for it from some of my peers, that when I heard it was coming out on blu ray, I was stoked. The film follows a young Elizabeth who returns to this island where 20 or so years ago, she was born. We learn that this island trip is all about trying to forget about her father’s death. Once she gets on the island, she goes to the monastery. When she arrives she is supposed to be meeting her friend Theresa who is a nun. Well, we learn that the girl has disappeared and not given any of the nuns a clue as to where she went. Sister Sara is now in charge of taking care of all of Elizabeth’s needs. As Elizabeth sticks around this island the more she learns about the truth and her past. I will say this, in the last month I have watched over 30 horror films. Each one claiming to be better than the last. There is not one of those films that hold a candle to this film. “ Dark Waters” delivers on the horror so well. The execution of this film is brilliant and by the end of the film, you will want to turn the lights on in the house and look under the bed. The film has such an atmosphere and mood to it, that you are sucked in early on. The characters are well acted and not the cookie cutter one dimensional horror characters that upset us fans. The film is a slow burn and does at time seem to slip off track, but the film has such a great payoff, that you forgive all when the credits roll. There are some kills to this film, the negative is that most happen off screen. We get some nunsploitation thrown in with some nudity. This film has such a rich gothic look. You can tell that Italy had a clue on how to draw inspiration from sleaze and color. All in all, this is well worth a purchase.

8 out of 10

Review-” Drinking Games” actually played a festival that I was a judge for. I have to be honest, this film had the most polarizing reviews on the judge ballots. There were people who ripped this film apart, and others who praised it. This could be the fine to define “ modern horror” to some fans. The film takes place on the evening before Winter Break. We have a bunch of college kids who prepare for one great big party in the dorms. This film feels like a film about the ups and downs of college life during winter more than a horror film to me. Which is why I threw in the reference to “ modern horror”. It seems like today’s horror fan do not need horror anymore, they need a slow moving film full of dialogue and a Starbucks next door to think they saw a horror film. The acting in this film is so fake. You can clearly tell that they are actors trying to pretend. There is no line to blur or escape to this. They are clearly trying to convey emotion and feeling by being boring and one dimensional. This film clearly was made by someone who felt they were tapping into something. The timing and pacing is so bad. What actual horror elements you do get in this film feel so out of place and thrown in. This film clearly had no direction, and would have been better suited to be a short film around 11 minutes. This film is what scares fans and distributors from indie film. This film is clearly an example of what happens when someone has an idea on paper that should have been formulated better on paper.

4 out of 10

Review-”Silver Cell” is an odd movie. I am still trying to figure out if I liked or hated this film. I know one thing, this film will make you think after it ends. Not sure, if the thoughts are positive or negative, but you will think about what you just endured. I did use the word, “ endure”, that is what this film aims for. Not sure what genre we can put this film in. There are so many elements of dark science fiction, fantasy and some horror elements. This is clearly a film made by someone who over-thought this creation. There is one rule about having too much ambition. Always have someone around that can dial it down for you. The opening is fairly normal I guess. We have a woman in a kitchen playing with a stuffed animal. She appears to be not in her right mind. Then we watch her commit suicide. Then we cue in the credit openers. Which we get to watch a skinned animal head rapidly start to decompose. Then we get to the film. We see the woman now speaking to some kind of spirit. He explains to her that she is now something called, “ Bi-Mex”. (Not Bisexual Mexican) Which we then learn the difference between what a Bi-Mex and Car-Tex is. I wish I could go more in-depth about this, but they did not. Then we meet some soul-eating creatures named Vadaliatrope. The film from there goes thru so many different cycles that it is so easy to be confused and think you missed something, even when you did not nod off or turn away. This film not only demands your attention, but if you blink, this film does not make a bit of sense past that moment. This film is confusion and mind hurting thought that one film should never do to a viewer. For people who thought “ Pi” was too math nerd, this film had to be directed by professors trying to come up with a formula of an afterlife after suicide. If you love a confusing film that makes you think too much, this is the film for you. I have to watch this film again to see if maybe a second viewing could help me understand it more.

6 out of 10