Movie Review-XX [Blu-ray]

Jovanka Vuckovic’s “The Box:”
Annie Clark’s “The Birthday Party:”
Roxanne Benjamin’s “Don’t Fall:”
Karyn Kusama’s “Her Only Living Son:”

Review-A group of indie women got together to try and throw some sun in their shade and named themselves, “ Women in Horror”. This group of women never seem to acknowledge the true women in the genre, instead of trying to always blow smoke out of their own money hole. I will be honest, the age of the anthology I feel is starting to come to an end. It is a ploy by indie films to feel more important instead of wanting to be indie films. In recent years, this trend went to short films and people started tossing unrelated shorts together and called it a film. I will admit, the V/H/S films were good. That being said, by the third film you could tell they were out of ideas and were on fumes. Almost 3 years after the last film, we get a concluding chapter in the trilogy. I guess they wanted to try and do a spin-off series and test the waters again. The shorts in this film are going to be a hard sell to some and a mixed bag to others. This film felt really uneven and clearly searching for a purpose. The personal favorite of the four shorts is “ The Box”.

Jovanka Vuckovic is the director and if you witnessed her past shorts, you get the feeling that lady gets off on the odd and uniqueness of having no boundaries in film. We get musician St Vincent with her short, “ The Birthday Party”. This one had a more comedic feel to it. If you like your humor odd and dark, this short could be for you. The third short is when the problems start. “ Don’t Fall” is just so slow and there. You really do not get the feeling that anyone put anything into this short. It felt so empty and out of place. The final one” Her Only Living Son”. This one tries to make a statement on empowerment and womanhood and feels so wasted by bad acting and stiff emotion. The lack of depth shows very proficiently in this short. All the directors on this film tried their hardest, their passion does show through. The problem is two are really good and two lack everything that you would need to watch them. I have to give this film a passing grade for the fact that the first two shorts, I could watch again and again with people and feel they would enjoy them. The last two are a test of patience.

7 out of 10