Movie Review-Three Brothers (Special Edition) (2-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD]

Review-” Three Brothers” is a great gem to uncover. I knew nothing about this film before I watched it. This film centers around oddly enough three brothers. We meet Raffaele who is a judge, Nicola who is a factory worker and last but not least Rocco who is a consular. Like most siblings, they are bonded by blood but everything else may not be so relative. They have one thing in common as we learn, they are all unhappy with their lives. Donato, who is the father is the backbone as he provides the three with a glimpse of the lives that they once lived. This film is a love letter to Italy. Given that I am Italian, this film hit home with me on so many counts. The biggest positive to this film is the story. This story is so mesmerizing and full of depth. The characters are so well defined and brilliantly played. This film showcases when life is full and rich. When everything seems so fresh and different. There is not one moment of this film that I felt it was not spectacular. Where most fans are associating Arrow with horror and the old school gems.

It seems with films like “ Cinema Paradiso” and now this, that they are also bringing to light a lot of international films that should have been bigger deals or were big deals. In the case of this film, it should have been a huge deal. This film has some of the best moments I feel that have been captured on film in ages. This film showcases when we remember who we once were and try to come to terms with who we become. I hate to say this was a sad story, it clearly had dark moments that could classify themselves in that way, but this film had so much promise and so much escapism to it. This film is best, when all the lights are off and you are not distracted at all. This film demands and requires patience and your full attention. This film from start to finish is superb film-making. This is a must see for serious film fans. This is a fascinating journey into 4 characters that you soon will not forget. This film is family friendly and intended for all audiences.

10 out of 10