Movie Review-The Shack (Blu Ray)

Coming Out May 30th

Review-It always seems with religious films, it always has a very agenda filled meaning or is basically propaganda. It seems that they give the viewer a sense of guilt or burden that they feel they can put it all to the side and that no matter what is bothering them it is all fine and God will forgive them. The problem with this is the rational. How many of us are over burden will bills? This film wants you to think, just throw them to the side and disregard them. I have no issue with Christianity. It is the number one religion in the world. I have an issue with the message people get out of the religion. This film also opens another issue I have. As a viewer of a movie, I should never feel so manipulated into self guilt just by trying to follow a character. This film revolves around Mack Phillips. He is destroyed by the kidnapping of his daughter Missy. If the kidnapping did not hurt him enough, the murder of her, was worst for him. The problem occurs when he let her out of his sight, while trying to save his other kids when their canoe capsizes in the middle of a lake. He harbors ill will towards the person who abducted and killed his daughter.

This film tells us that, this makes him just as bad as the person who did this to his daughter? That is where this film’s agenda was clearly on display. Mack goes to an old shack that he used to visit many years back for this spiritual journey to help him thru this guilty period of his life. This film is sappy and heavy handed. It wants the people watching this film to experience this journey with Mack. The problem I have is that the agenda is so blatantly obvious, that it takes the emotional punch out of the film. I would assume the book is a lot better, I can see the book putting more depth and personality into this story, than the movie itself. This film plays the audience like puppets. It pulls the strings when it wants you to react to it. This film would have been so much better with a little more logic and less idiocy. There is no religion I have ever heard of that will tell a grieving father that you are just as bad as the killer of your kid is because you cannot stop hating him. It just seems a little too much. The acting in this film is all rainbows and smiles, they were out to create a happy film with a under story that is full of parent fear. This film is a lot of nonsense and very little true emotion. This film is to be sold at all bookstores and churches. This is a safe family film for that family who want their kid to be 40 and still living with them single and scared to go into the world and experience. This film was the true reason that Jesus Wept, this film is so hammy and dismal. I will not give it a one out of ten rating in fear I will perish in hell, but say to skip the film.