Movie Review-The Greasy Strangler – Special Director’s Edition

Review-I am a lover of subversive cinema. Some may say, I have a taste for the perverse. There are films like “ Happiness” and “ Pink Flamingos” that push the envelope without really trying. They tap into a behavior or personality that is frowned upon by what this society seem to think they have to be to be accepted. There are films who try very desperately to push the envelope , clearly knowing what they are trying to achieve. Those films rarely succeed. Why? They feel forced and phony. Like someone thought about some gross out humor or words that seem more desperate than effective. To be offended, the material has to be effective and precise. This is my crossroads with “ The Greasy Strangler”. This is one of those “ Once in a Lifetime” films. Clearly everyone involved wanted to make the humor very unpleasantly bizarre. The film has such a revolting tone to it, that you start to feel emotion for the characters once the film goes starts to click with you. This is a story about two people who do not fit in society, they can be viewed as outsiders or against the status quo. It seems as the film goes forward, we start to see they need each other more than they need anyone else. The story is about Big Ronnie and Big Brayden. They are a father and son combination. Ronnie lets his son stay with him for free under the rules of Ronnie has to cook greasy meals for him. The conversations they have at times revolve around greasy stuff and fats. Things change when Brayden meets a woman named Janet. This relationship throws a monkey wrench into their life and could be the cause for the greasy strangler to be in the neighborhood killing.

I feel the early buzz about this film, hurt more than help it. People are going to go into this film for a vile nonstop romp, which they will be somewhat disappointed. This film has heart and some dark humor that propels the film above juvenile. I feel the film at times tries a little too hard to be offensive. There are a few scenarios and scenes that I am at a crossroads with. They felt like they were trying too hard to offend me. It is like the guy at work who says, “ I want to fuck you” and the girl smiles and then he realizes that he needs to go deeper to offend her. I think offensive humor is an odd avenue to travel. The films who do in this day and age, have to really watch where they aim the humor at. This film is good, I feel I can watch it again and still enjoy it. This film is for that special kind of film fan. The kind who do not mind getting their hands dirty. Once you see this film, there is clearly no way to unsee it. If people would have shut up and let this film build before going all stupid over it, it would have made this film so much bigger of a deal.

8.5 out of 10