Movie Review-Split (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Review-M Night Shyamalan has the most polarizing relationship with the horror community. People will see his name at the end of a trailer and boo loudly. While they will never admit, they were so into the film in the trailer before the twist at the end of the preview. “ The Sixth Sense” was the first sign of what the future of the internet would be. People were so fast to go into chat rooms and spoil the film. I never understood the satisfaction of going online just to ruin an experience, but to each their own. I hated “ The Visit”, and I swore that I was done with M Night. Curiosity is to blame for me to request this film to review. I sat and pondered for weeks if I wanted to see it. “Split” on the surface seems like a very complex story. You have a man who is named Kevin. Kevin it seems suffers from an identity disorder. Which basically means he has around 23 different personalities he lives thru. His motives at first seem very unclear as we watch him abduct three young girls. He keeps the young girls in this war bunker like place. The girls are trying to figure out what is going on around them.

Frightened and scared they are trying their best to stay alive, while they find out that there is a battle going on between Kevin’s identities and the debut of a 24th one that is called “ The Beast”. “ Split” is easily the best film from M Night in a very long time. While not a horror film, there is a tense and suspenseful mood that keeps the film moving in a very good pace. This film felt more like a character study than anything else. We get our fear from a reality that people like Kevin could exist among us and want to kidnap people we love. James McAvoy deserved an Oscar nod for his work in this film. This is one of those roles that really blows away the viewer. The girls in the film held up their end as well. The negative to this film is the run time. I feel this film at 2 hours is a stretch, and you can tell this film was not paced to go that distance. This film would have maybe been more effective if cut down a little bit. This film also opens the door for where the film is going towards in the future, which was a great way to end this film. I will say, the ending alone deserves high praise. This film as a whole while uneven was very good for what it did offer. This is clearly proof that the man can still make effective films. I just hope his follow up showcases that the man is still wanting to do this. Effective and fun, sadly very uneven and long winded. Overall, this film is worth a recommendation and I feel people will be very forgiving once they see the ending.

8 out of 10