Movie Review-Rock Dog [Blu-ray]

Coming May 25th to Home Video

Review-I wanted to love “ Rock Dog”. Let’s be honest, how many adults watch a movie for the final result to be lackluster or not good? It seems for every “ Sing” or “ Inside Out” we get films like “ Rock Dog”. I am not saying the film is awful, this film is not that. The film just lacks. I think the box office alone showcased that people were not quite ready or knew what to make of a film like this. This film was a team effort between Chinese and American studios. This film had a very large budget in the high 60 million street and barely made 10 million. Now, the rush from April release to May home video shows you how fast this studio and the investors want to wash this one away. This film focuses on Bodi. He is a Tibetan Mastiff with a dad who wants him to be the village guard in case of an attack by wolves. Bodi, it seems does not want to do that. By fate, a radio one day falls out of an airplane and lands on Bodi’s yard. This moment he hears a song by Angus Scattergood who inspires him to rock and roll. Bodi decides to go to meet Scattergood in hopes of Scattergood becoming his music teacher. Scattergood, on the other hand is frustrated with music and he cannot seem to find a melody for a song he is trying to be motivated to work on. The cast of this film from Luke Wilson to Eddie Izzard try their hardest to make this film work. The problem is that the plot and story just feel so bland and lackluster.

I feel a kid under 9, would love this film as an alternative to watching something they seen before. The humor this film tries to achieve is so hit and miss, most of it on the miss side. There is a few scenes that would make adults roll their eyes at the absurdity of the material. That seems to be the curse these days, you either have to make a smart film like Pixar or something that they can latch on with like Illumination. Films like “ Storks” and “ Rock Dog” want to get kids back into the old school film-making. These films do not work. They may make a little on home video, but when you are competing with “ Lego Batman” and “ Shrek”, you have to put out smarter fare or something that they can latch on towards. When you open films like this, you are not selling one ticket, you are selling two to three or maybe even more. There is no parent who would want to sit in a movie theater and watch this for 15.00 dollars a ticket. They know they can wait it out for a few weeks and get the blu ray or buy it for 5.00 on PPV. They want to go to “ Lego Batman” and “ Frozen”. You have to figure out how to counter this. Films like this are not the problem, they are not the solution either, they are just casualties. This film has enough for kids to like, but this is no film I would rush to buy or own. I would think the studio would have wanted to play to the family and not just one member of it.