Movie Review-Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [Blu-ray]

Alice comes home on May 16th

Review-Is this really “ The Final Chapter”? Can this be the film that ends a 15 year franchise? If you followed the promotional materials before the film was released, that is what they want to sell you. Much like the last “ Underworld” film, that is clearly the sales pitch that they used to get people to believe that this time around the film will be different with an ending that will be a final. If you are a fan of the video games, this film is more in the vein of the video games than the last three films have been. This time around Alice is being assisted by her nemesis the Red Queen. Alice learns from her that deep in “ The Hive” of Raccoon City is a vial that can end the disease and save humanity. The problem is she only has so much time to go get it and release it into the air. This is when the film throws all sanity out the window and goes into a roller coaster of violence and zombies. This film is very fast paced and the brutality is even faster. We watch as people are out to stop Alice from getting to that vial. When she is captured, they tie her to the back of a tank and have a horde of hungry zombies chase her while she is running to keep up with the tank. This film also opens the question, “ Is this really the swan song”?

I will not spoil the ending, but I feel they are not exactly done with this story yet. While rumors of a reboot have been rampant for two years now, I feel that they are waiting to see what foreign box office and video sales are to know if they are ready to give up on this. I know they could not be happy with North American box office, but I feel in the end this film will be a huge profit for them. “ Resident Evil” is like junk food. You just know what you are getting into, but you are content with what they deliver. This film could have been the perfect follow up to the original film. Where I think most fans gave up after part 3 or even the dreaded part 4, I think if people watched this film, they would be entertained and have a faith to go back and see what they have been missing. Which to be honest, would be a huge mistake. This franchise has become abysmal and lazy, this film was a fluke. If you love the story and video games, this one is a must watch. Great action, a ton of CGI effects and more bullets than one can count. Please let this be the last film. I feel all parties involved need to put this to rest. They ended it the way fans would want this to end. No sequels, no reboots and please no more video games.

8 out of 10