Movie Review-Caltiki The Immortal Monster (2-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD]

Review-”Caltiki” is the story about an archaeologist who digs up a entity that has been inside the Mayan ruins. They would have you think this is Italy’s answer to the 1958 film “ The Blob. Filmed in 1959, this Italian film seems to be almost challenging american cinema at that time. This film has elements of “ The Blob” but it also has so much else to really admire. This film is so well executed and the pacing is very well done. The film may have a ton of cliche and predictability to it, but the end result was fun and delivers on the blob like substance that comes into play. The acting in this film is fair, maybe in doses. The film has a darkness to it that sort of feels like they were not trying for a straightforward science fiction film, but more of a horror film. The tone of this film is oddly ahead of its time. When you think about where the mindset was at this era, this film seems to be tapping into a more demented one- that would not come to pass till the last days of the 60’s.

This film has a deranged and demented feel, where you are not sure what you are watching but you cannot turn away. This film is sadly good, but towards the middle it starts to lose itself. It does recover close to the finale, but it felt like a huge chunk of this film was unsure of itself and really did not know how to entertain us. I did not hate this film, but I probably would never watch it again either. This film does offer some fun for the horror fan, and a ton of dialogue that is both eye rolling but in moments comes across smartly. All in all, I would recommend this film for a one watch. It is not a bad film, it just feels like they were unsure of the direction it should take in certain moments.

8 out of 10