DVD Review-Shark Week: Shark ’n’ Awe Collection

Review-In 1975, I was 7 years old and my mother could not find a babysitter for me. So, she took me with her and her friends to go see Jaws. The instance you are in that little chair and the big screen shows a shark fin and blood, you are either going to be terrified for your life or you are going to be in awe. For me, I was a little bit of both. My father jumped on my mom so badly that night for taking me to that film because I would not even take a bath for days thinking a shark was coming to get me. As I grew older my fascination and fear of sharks grew. Me and my friends would go water skiing and when I had to jump in the water with skis was the eye opening experience I feared. When me and my wife bought a beach house, I would be day and night looking in the water for the fins. I could be eating lunch and if I heard someone ring the shark bell I would be like Chief Brody and run for the water fast to see it. Of course, with my fascination you know any shark film I have to watch, even as bad as some are. I mean think about it, when it comes to shark movies, what is the ratio of good and bad?

Though, my DVR has hours upon hours of Shark Week. So imagine my excitement for the second year in the row when I got a request I could review the latest Shark Week stuff. It returns on Discovery on the 26th of June which I am so stoked about. If you are new to this series, the episode entitled Zombie Sharks is jaw dropping and will hook you. The shows are not only entertaining but they are also informative. You learn more than you fear when you watch these. Shark Week has always made the shark seem like an object of intimacy. You would fear it, but when you watch it and learn more you actually feel for it. The one fear you have in deep water is also the one thing that when you discover more and more about them, are just like me and you. They are defending their space against whom they view as intruders. I feel life when all is said and done, we will find out that man was the one entity that caused our devastation more than any animal, mammal, reptile or disaster. The pure beauty of the sea and the ultimate tool of precision, the shark. This dvd is a must have for anyone like me who is just such a shark fanatic. There will be a day when I am going to see a shark up close and just have pictures all over my social media. I am actually looking forward to it.

9 out of 10