Music Review-Rhino Bucket- ‘The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll’

01. Hello Citizens
02. Everything You Do
03. Last Call
04. I’m Your Doctor
05. So Long
06. It’s A Sin
07. Forgiveness
08. Bang My Drum
09. Swing And A Miss
10. Falling Down The Stairs
11. Misery
12. The Devil You Know

Georg Dolivo – vocals, rhythm guitar
Brian “Damage” Forsythe – lead guitar, backing vocals
Reeve Downes – bass, backing vocals
Dave DuCey – drums, background vocals

Review-The story of Rhino Bucket and Junkyard seems to be similar. Both bands were signed by a major label in the late 80’s as part of the big sweep of signing any band. Both bands put out a debut album that got fans and critics talking about “ the next big thing”, but sales did not reflect the words. Much like Junkyard, if Warner would have signed less bands and spent more money working and advertising with the ones they signed, it would have been more profitable for all involved. If you want to know the best two years in music history, that we got some incredible music try 1989 and 1990. When the major leagues were money throwing, they put out some incredible albums by some bands that deserved the sun, moon and stars. Rhino Bucket were a band that did not have the sophomore slump. This is a band that never put out a cd that was not in the range of B plus to A. You would think that the exposure of having a song in the film “ Wayne’s World”, would have done for them what Beavis and Butthead did for White Zombie. “ Pain” easily can be seen as their most underrated album. It sucks that a band this good is putting out music that is being ignored for crap that today everyone admits they did not like, but own copies. Rhino Bucket has returned with another slab of gold. “ The Last Real Rock and Roll” does not ring any more truer than when you hear this album. This album is just honest rock and roll to drink a warm beer and sleep with your cousin to.

Georg Dolivo is an amazing vocalist, that should have taken the slot when AC/DC was singer shopping. He has that honest delivery that makes you feel each word he is saying means something and he is not spewing lyrics to be fashionable. “ I’m Your Doctor” sounds like it was pulled out of the studio that The Cult was working on “ Electric”. Then, you get to the break in the middle and the guitar work is jaw dropping. This is air guitar and head banging at its best. “ So Long” has this background sound that feels like early Great White mixed with Thin Lizzy. This album is energetic, it is passion filled and it is fuck off type of middle finger rock. This is easily all the proof music needs that this band should have been a huge deal. The playing on this album is solid, the guitar and rhythm section are just epic in their delivery and keeps the listener intoxicated with their work. Vocal wise, Georg is a rock star. Getting “ Damage” from Kix was such a blessing for this band. You have someone who is also hungry and underrated as a musician. This is a very good rock record for fans of honest rock. If you liked the band before, you will love them now. If you are not familiar with the band, this album is a good start to go backwards afterwards and get all you can.

8.5 out of 10