Music Review-Mew-“Visuals”

1. “Nothingness and No Regrets”
2. “The Wake of Your Life”
3. “Candy Pieces All Smeared Out”
4. “In a Better Place”
5. “Ay Ay Ay”
6. “Learn Our Crystals”
7. “Twist Quest”
8. “Shoulders”
9. “85 Videos”
10. “Zanzibar”
11. “Carry Me to Safety”

Jonas Bjerre – vocals, keyboards, guitar
Johan Wohlert – bass, backing vocals
Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen – drums, percussion

Review-I struggle at times to try and even grasp how so many great overseas bands do not translate to sales in America. The Wildhearts to me are the perfect example of a band that should have been just as important as Nirvana. The Charlatans are another example of a band that was criminally ignored by US fans. The list can go on and on, but these danes in Mew should have been just as major as Radiohead. “ Frengers” should have been the talk of magazines like Rolling Stone and Spin. This is that one band that their music defines the moment. Where other bands you listen to them and forget them before the song is even over. Mew is that band that the best way to describe their music is epic. There is no pigeonholing them or comparing them to this, that or the other. They are Mew, nothing more or less. Their 7th album, “ Visuals” is another frustrating situation for me. I know how great this album is, but I feel it will go ignored by the mass population who in turn do not give a shit about music anymore.

They would rather hear that catchy one song, then hearing an album that could change their way of thinking or life altogether. Much like Air, this is a band that just settles in your system and never truly leaves it. This is sophisticated alt pop for the space age. The vocals are gentle in a pop sense but the music is anything but conventional. This is a band that have their own unique style and does not want to sound like anyone before, during or after them. I would think if you are a fan of the bulk of Apples in Stereo or Stars, you get where the musicianship leans towards. Jonas has a very warm and emotional delivery that will make your soul open and your ears sing in joy. This is a band that you will either love very much like me, or hate almost instantly. The songs are simply effective and beautifully written. This is a band that really has no qualms about what people will think and do music from the heart. If you want a cd that makes music feel important over commercialization, this is the perfect soundtrack for your day.

8.5 out of 10