Music Review-Junkyard-” High Water”

01. Walk Away
02. Faded
03. Cut From The Same Cloth
04. Styrofoam Cup
05. Hellbound
06. W.F.L.W.F.
07. Don’t Give a Damn
08. Hell or High Water
09. Wallet
10. ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off
11. Kindness to the Dead


David Roach – Vocals
Tim Mosher – Guitar
Todd Muscat – Bass
Patrick Muzingo – Drums
Jimmy James – Guitar

Review-I can remember when I saw the video for “ Hollywood” by Junkyard on Headbangers Ball. This was around the time that Guns and Roses was making music dangerous and the hair bands were trying to toughen up. I am one of many, who ran out after that video and had to have the cd, cassette or album. This was a band you could turn on in a dimly lit pool hall with booze and loose women in the air. This also was another one of those bands who got swept up when labels like Geffen and Warner were wanting to sign bands left and right. The thing about signing bands left and right is that you lose sight of what you have in favor of quantity of what you are producing. I feel if Geffen would have been a little more wise with signing and focusing on growing bands, it would have more profitable for all involved. Junkyard would go on to release their second album and then they just vanished. The funny thing is that while they were not million dollar sellers, the cds sold fairly well to keep them in the good graces of the label. Metal Edge would report that the band split up, which I was like dumbfounded by. This band was on the verge of something really huge with their sound and attitude.

2015, Junkyard started to poke their heads out of the hole they were in and released two new songs. Which got them signed by a indie label and got us to this point. “ High Water” is a take no prisoners, give no fucks album. This is not a comeback or trip down memory lane ordeal, this is a hold your girl tight when they hit the stage deal. This album has a punk flavor to the attitude and the music is a little modern. Much like the title of this album, the music could be interpreted in so many different ways. You still have the big guitar sound and David’s vocals still driving the boat. This cd has such a live venue feel to it. This is the kind of album, you go to a day concert and just stand around with a beer in your hand and rock out with. This band is not trying to be anything other than who their fans remember them as. “ Don’t Give A Damn” sounds like they went to a Flogging Molly show. “ Wallet” has the Junkyard vocal attack, but this punk vibe that sounds like Social Distortion on Shrooms. This is a good rock album by a band that seems very serious about wanting to play music again. From start to finish, if you were a fan before, you are going to love this album. If you were not a fan before, give this a shot and then go back to the classic two albums.

8.5 out of 10