Movie Review-Underworld: Blood Wars (Blu Ray)

The War Wages on April 25th

Review-To start this review with a question of a film that defies logic. The long rumored ending to this franchise is upon us, but is this truly the end? The film underperformed at the box office, but you know with overseas and the upcoming video release and PPV showings, the film will make back the remainder of what it lost with some pennies thrown in. I was a fan of the first film. To me, it was something unique in the age of Blade. We had “ Resident Evil” and “ Underworld” that wanted to give a strong female based film the roots to build unto a franchise. The sad thing is that with each passing film, the franchises just seemed to lose steam. “ Resident Evil” around the third one and “ Underworld” by the second one. With, “ Underworld” they wanted to take the story and keep changing the direction. I did not mind the prequel third film. I absolutely hated the fourth film. That being said, I sort of really dig this installment. True, the film is a brain numbing experience that throws us in so many directions with acting that you close your eyes and hope the action sequences save. We are back in the war between the Lycans and Vampires. Selene once again is thrown into it. With her daughter being the key reason. It seems her daughter has the blood that can stop the war, or so that is what the Lycans think. While Selene has not seen her daughter since she was a kid, it is believed by the Lycan leader that she knows where her daughter is.

It starts off that she is on the run from both. Soon though, she begins to pick a side. “ Outlander” director Anna Foerster has her big screen directing debut in a franchise that she is trying to understand what direction to go into while trying to change it up for long time fans. I have heard rumors that this film has a longer running time than 91 minutes, and that we were going to get an extended cut. This news sort of upsets me, the main negative about this film is the editing. It feels like this film jumps incoherently thru scenes. It is like someone had a list of points to hit, and they are hitting the points. The final battle at the end of the film is very good. The problem is, this film was really trying to figure out how to get to that point. There is another fight sequence in the film which I feel should have been the way the film ended. If you want to go in this direction and fully pull the trigger, you cannot get scared and want to pull back. The scene I am describing and trying not to spoil is the ice scene. The very lost shot of the film is pretty standard with how all these “ Underworld” films have ended. So, I am left with the thought is this truly the ending? I feel different people will feel different ways watching this film. I did not mind the action sequences. The fight scenes in this film were consistent with what we have come to expect. The story is choppy and uneven, but it was never boring. This film is all about set pieces and effects, both of those were done perfectly. This is truly either the way we all envisioned this film to end or the way the studio can start it in a new direction for part 6. I guess we will see in 4 to 5 years until then this film is worth a rental at least if you are a fan.

7.5 out of 10