Movie Review-Tunnel (DVD)

Coming to home video May 2nd

Review-There are films that when they begin, you just have a feeling if this film is going to be for you or not. This film had all the best intentions going for it in the start. You have the father who is driving to get home for his little girl’s birthday. He decides to take a poorly constructed tunnel that collapses and traps him inside the car. He has to survive, a cake, a cell phone and two water bottles. We have had so many survival films in the last 50 years. In the last decade, they have really all become one in the same. We have the lead actor who pipes it in that this is a dire situation. This film just feels so flat. It lacks any emotional reality that would make us feel this is truly happening. The way this film plays out, it feels like an actor in a class trying to convey his emotion to a group. There is such a disconnect from the material playing on the screen and me watching it unfold.

It felt so predictable and practically embarrassing. I wanted this film to pack a punch and while the plot is a little more than the above mentioned, I wanted to keep part of it off of the page for the fact that it spoils the direction this film takes. I think the first ten minutes of this film is fair. This film just plunges right into the situation, while letting the film play out for us to get an emotional bond or depth to the characters onscreen. I feel it Stallone never made “ Daylight”, films like this would never exist. These films all use that formula, and that formula is only 20 plus years old now. Why can this generation of directors create their own formulas and not have to rip off or borrow from others? I will say, this film is a solid skip. This film should have been smarter and thought outside the box more. This film really lacks any substance or emotion to make this film work.