Movie Review-The Watcher (DVD)

Review-I am so torn on “ The Watcher”. My heart says one thing and my brain says another. Director Ryan Rothmaier reminds me of the kid who dreams about getting to pitch a baseball game. He sits there and waits for his shot to get to the mound and throw that damn ball. He thinks day and night to the point of severely over thinking how he will handle this moment. Life is easy, it is the people that make it hard. Horror is a fairly simple genre, but people want to do everything in smaller films their first time out that they are setting themselves up to fail. “ The Watcher” is not a fail, it is a fairly decent made for television horror film. The problem is that Ryan needed someone on set to calm down his passion and good intentions. This film focuses on a young married couple who find their dream home. Fairly standard horror cliche, but we all still buy into it. The realtor lets them know that someone died in the home, but the details are not fully known. That will not stop our young couple, they had to do everything financially and sacrificing to get this home. We learn that the female involved of course lost her first child. With all the horror films of a young couple, we almost always expect a dead child or missing child to play some part.

Things start to change when notes and packages begin to arrive at their place with a giant X on them with the note “ open me”. No offense, but when you get any package and you are not seeing a name or return address, or expecting anything, unless you are sure it is the bank sending a license to the mint, do not open them. The things inside those boxes are what make this film enjoyable. We watch them in this state of paranoia as we feel that something is watching them. As you can tell by the description this film is pretty standard and nothing groundbreaking. The film itself is fairly decent, it just tries way too hard. The creepy factor works for the most part, but the film cannot help itself. It has to throw everything at us. I think shooting smarter would be a good point to use in future. Do not shoot for quantity, shoot for quality. Do not put yourself in a hole that you feel you are not going to escape. This film seemed to be shooting behind the eight ball thru the whole experience. I wanted to love this film, it was a hundred times better than “ The Bye Bye Man”. That is not a compliment. This film needed structure and needed someone who had experience to step up and guide it. It is a smaller film, it is shot ok, and will keep you on the edge of your seat for the most part. If you are into horror and looking for a time filler, this is fair enough. That being said, this film ensures a bright future for Ryan. This is a good resume builder.

7 out of 10