Movie Review-The Violent Shit Collection (DVD)

Review-When we got the remake of “ Violent Shit” last year from Reel Gore, I liked it but I always thought about, “ why not release the original”. Well, we finally got the original and then some with the “ Violent Shit” collection. My first and obvious gripe would be, “ where is the blu ray love”? That aside, my second gripe is why is extreme horror being attacked on some platforms? It seems certain website based stores and streaming channels are starting to back away from extreme horror. So, that would be the first sign to buy up movies like this now, because it seems like in a not so far future that these kinds of films will be very hard to find. I will not tell you how excited I am about this franchise, I think the review will speak for it. Some of the films were great and some not so great. These are films for people who are naturally sadists and enjoy violence for the sheer fuck of it. As people in this country are aware in the 1980’s horror films were always under attack. It seems Roger Ebert at one point was leading the attack on American cinema and what horror is becoming. Germany had similar problems. Their government was basically chopping and cutting movies for their people. Germans did not want to stop the fight for their voice to be heard. The micro budget Violent Shit age was born. Directed by Andrea Schnaas became a cult legend for these small films shot on standard definition video. They were very indie for their time, at times could be seen as the cell phone fad that people use to make a film.

This collection focuses on the devil being the father of our killer. He dictates to him early in life to start killing people. Which leads to a very violent bloodbath. This film is gory and may offend the casual movie fan. In terms of storytelling, this is not the film or collection for that. This is basically kills, death and move forward. There is not really an acting to this film or direction the film goes towards, it seems to be stuck in the middle of this bloodbath. The film has so much confusion and things just happening randomly, that you really want to question why you are even watching it. In terms of violence, this film is full of it. In terms of anything else, this is basically a numb dumb gore fest. The nect film is taking place 20 years or so, after the original film. We see Karl the Butcher Jr. who is carrying n his dead dad’s legacy. What do you give someone like this for a birthday present? Why not a mother fucking machete, thanks mom. Karl decides to take his toy into a psycho killing party. This film is better than the first film, but it feels so forced. The story does not mesh with what I feel the direction is going towards. We see an introduction to the character of Karl Jr, but it needed more depth and personality to make the character work.

The next three films, I just could not finish. We watch the third film which took the premise in a new direction. We see Karl Jr. on an island with a crew in a Battle Royale sort of way. This one also has some zombies. All you really need is a crackpipe and a bottle of wine. This one I feel was the best of the five. We got some over the top acting and some awesome violence. This film alone is worth the price of buying this collection. The last two films I am not going to type some long wordy explanation as to why those two films are unwatchable and trash. I was bored by both. Would I ever go back and try to watch them? No. Would I recommend buying this dcd? Hell yes. The first two films are bad but they have enough controversy and violence that you could be a fan. The third film was well worth the price of admission. The last two films makes me want to find a hole and hide.