Movie Review-The Marine 5: Battleground [Blu-ray]

Review-Things I learned while watching “ The Marine 5: Battleground” by James DePaolo. Number 1. You can have a film called Marine, even though your main star is an EMT now. Number 2: That during a drive by, you can shoot into someone numerous times and they will live. 3. That on your very first night of duty, you are justified to break the company rules. 4. That bricks that are about to fall on a car, will wait on you to free that person. 5. That if this is your first day of work, and the person you are with is highly respected. The dispatch will call you 40 times to make sure you are ok, even though you did not pick up on any of the calls, they will keep letting you know that if you do not pick up this time they will send cops to see what is happening. 6. That an ambulance radio is louder than running motorcycles. 7. A first day EMT can perform in an elevator a blood transfusion and the patient will live and be healthier because of it. 8. It is said that you are the smartest and best of Marine, but you constantly run into gunfire acting like you did not realize. 9. You can get shot at point blank range and beaten to a pulp but still come back and deliver bad one liners. 10. That an amusement park that has been abandoned is suddenly lit up and all this gunfire going on, but not one person in the surrounding reports it. The list can go on, but you get the point.

Ex-Marine Sgt Jake Carter is still stateside and this time he is working as an EMT. His first night, Zoe Williams his partner and him go to a distress call that claims someone had a heart attack. Come to find out they are down in the basement of an amusement park and no heart attack was had. Instead it was a person who was shot and close to dying. Come to find out this person shot the leader of a gang, and now has the wrath of the gang coming after him. With the two paramedics helping this guy, the gang now view them as threats as well. I have to say this, Bo Dallas could be a star with the right role. He plays the head baddie in this film and has the bulk of the screen time. He really steals this film. The Miz plays the Marine, and who could have guessed after the Cena first film, we would have now 4 direct to home video sequels. WWE has found their “ Die Hard”. The film is dumb fun. If you are a WWE fan and ever wondered how a fight between Naomi and Miz would go down, you get your shot in this film. The negative is that Heath Slater got very little to do in this film. Miz wife has a brief cameo in the opening minutes. If you are in the mood to open a cold beer and sit back, this film is perfect for that. If you are going to nit pick and use common sense, avoid this film. The film has so much absurd and stupid to it, that you find yourself just either being entertained or annoyed. Sometimes even both. Bo Dallas is the shock of this film, he really seems to embrace this role and made it worth the look.

7 out of 10