Movie Review-The Girl With All The Gifts (Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Combo)

Coming to Home Video on April 25th

Review-”Hype” is a word that I feel is the kiss of death to the internet community. When word spreads about any film or cd and it gets people talking, what comes out of it is that other people are going to hate on it, just to feel unique and stand out. This is not 1999 anymore, when you say “ Blair Witch” and people are making lines for miles. This is 2017 when you say “ Blair Witch” and before the first trailer hits, there are 15 million people who are attacking it because they feel they are given that right because they can afford a device to get their opinion out. When I saw the first trailer for “ The Girl With All The Gifts”, I was excited. Why does every zombie film have to be the same routine and formula? That is what made films like “ Dawn of the Dead” and “28 Days Later” among many others stand out. They were different. There are idiots who will tell you that “ Zombies Don’t Run” and I will tell them, “ Well, Zombies Don’t Exist”. Use your imagination, let an experience create an escape for you. In this film, the word zombie does not even exist, they are referred to as “ hungries”. We learn that a small group of children seem immune to the virus and the effects of it. In England, in a army base these kids are being studied and subjected to medical tests and experiments. Despite the kids being infected with what wiped out the majority of the world, the kids remain fine.

They are pretty normal but they do have a craving for human. They are also a vital resource for the search to get a cure. We meet one 10 year old girl named Melanie. She immediately stands out from the rest. When a hungries group come into the base and start to destroy everyone there, she runs away with her teacher and a few other people. We learn that she is not a human little girl, which leads the others to question trusting her. The film has a slow pace to it, which if you do not have a good attention span you may not be the audience this film is seeking. The story is very rich and flows evenly. There are moments where I question the logic, but for the most part this film is fairly a very good take on the zombie outbreak in a set of new eyes. This film has a lot to brag about, moments not so brag worthy, but I really enjoyed this film for the most part. The horror we get in this film is smartly shot and comes across very intense. The story had me following wanting to see where it was going. As a whole, this film could get a cult following as it plays thru home video and pay channels. I can see this film in 5 years being discussed like we talked about “ Donnie Darko”. The film has a ton of imagination and passion, I think most horror fans will dig it.

8 out of 10