Movie Review-Peelers

Review-Working with film festivals has its perks. Peelers is a major perk. Peelers is 2016’s answer to From Dusk Till Dawn if they were zombie like creatures and not vampires. The film centers on what happens when a crew of coal miners show up at the closing night of the small-town strip club being exposed to this deadly strain of oil that is lurking under the ground in this town. The club owner Blue Jean has decided that at midnight she is handing the bar over to a new owner and leave this small town. What Blue Jean does not know is that the epidemic in her bar has only just begun. Peelers could be 2016’s sleeper film. This is a little film that delivers huge, and keeps on delivering throughout. Have you ever witnessed one of those horror films that just throws everything at you, including the kitchen sink? This is pretty much what Peelers does. Where I feel most indie films these days have lost their balls, Peelers seems to have a voice that showcases that not only does this film have the balls but it also dares other smaller films to start thinking for themselves instead of being a copy. I feel the director knew the comparisons would be drawn early, so he wanted to let people assume that is the way was heading then change the course on them. This film is batshit fucking insanity in its most manipulative form. This film is both beauty and the beast in one breath. It offers you the beauty of strippers, then gives you the gruesome death scenes and violent acts. This film with a midnight crowd at a theater would be a blast.

This film has so much to really get behind, but it also has some negatives as well. The film at times felt a little uneven. This film gives us an ending to make us think, then gives us a second ending that felt like a contradiction to the first one. While I dug both endings, they just felt odd to me. Blue does not like to be called BJ( which I would hate people to refer to me to as well for different reasons) but she has this scene where we get this huge build up to a pitch. The problem I had is that it just felt a little too over the top, but the scene to build to it, kills the logic of the plot. The childbirth scene was more comedic than actually compelling, which I felt they were shooting for. It felt the last 15 minutes of this film were stalling more than anything else. It sort of killed the momentum of the film. I felt maybe the film would be better to be cut by a few minutes to make it flow a little better. There is no character development or depth, we really never find out about what is causing this epidemic to a flashback scene around the 30 minute mark or so, but those issues were not that big a deal. When I watched the first few kills, trust me I was floored and knew that this film was going to win me over, and I was so right. What a fun little film overall, this film has everything you can ask from a horror film. This is the message to the Hollywood big blockbuster machine, films like this are going to take over the market. This film is just so insane, and the closing sequence and that baseball, that could be the scene of 2016 hands down.

8.5 out of 10