Movie Review-Naciye (DVD)

Review-As weird as it is intriguing, “ Naciye” in its own way tells the story about a Turkish couple that is watching their marriage fail. Bertan is very nice but he is not too bright and his woman is pregnant and very frustrated with him. They rent a home on the Marmara Coast. Bertan sees this as a way to get his love back on track. Bengi is not happy with this decision he has made, because she did not know much about it. Things get odd for them, as they find out that the house they are renting oddly enough has someone living it in. While trying to figure this as someone not knowing about the past residents, they soon find out that is not the case. The couple is now being terrorized by an insane woman named Naciye. She is not quite ready to give up this residence without a fight, or killing. Let’s be perfectly honest, this film is not going to be for everyone. This film has some dark subject matter and scenes that may cause uncomfort to some. There is a scene when you watch Bartan performing oral sex on his pregnant wife. The kills in this film are very unforgiving and at times very intense. This film had one primary goal, to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. This film succeeds in that market many times over.

There are moments in this film that I had no idea where the plot was taking me, nor do I care. This film while very uncertain and at times very uneven, was at least very watchable. The last twenty minutes of this film, made me think of “ Inside”. When you watch the pregnant girl fight off the bad people. This film has a quirky sense of darkly lit humor to keep the viewer uneasy. This film is the equivalent of diving head first into the Atlantic Ocean. You are always wondering what is going to get you next in this film. It seems this film, each scene tried to out top the scene before it. The ending of this film was as odd as this film. If film is meant to manipulate us, and make us think outside of the normal. This film does that perfectly. This film is absurd, insane, dark, demented and fucking brilliant. This film deserves an audience who is ready for a challenge. Something completely out of left field to test their patience and dedication. This film is going to be talked about in a cult classic realm in time.

8.5 out of 10