Movie Review-House: Two Stories (House, House II: The Second Story) (2-Disc Limited Edition) [Blu-ray]

Review-New World Video saw horror going in all these different directions. Where, the early 80’s were the era when horror was just everywhere. You had the critics like Roger Ebert always fighting against where horror is heading, while other critics like Leonard Maltin understood that horror was never going to satisfy everyone but understood the appeal fans had for it. Producer Sean S Cunningham whose “ Friday the 13th” franchise would open the door to a new kind of slasher, the kind that will not die and profit off of teenage sex and gruesome death scenes. When, Sean and director Steve Miner made House, it opened a new door, a much safer more fun one for the duo. William Katt stars as a novelist whose family life is destroyed after he moves into his Aunt’s creepy place. Katt plays Roger Cobb who has to be a direct nod to Stephen King, with writer’s block mentions and the mannerisms. We learn that the source of his problems was that his son has gone missing so he moves back to the place where his kid vanished from. He changes gears in his writing as well to go into a story about his experiences in Vietnam. The house though seems to be an entity of its own as it gives him visions that pushes him into lunacy.

“ House” is a great throwback treasure that showcased what made the 80’s so great This film is light with the horror, but heavy with the humor. The execution of the film is spot on. I really think William Katt plays the role of his career in this film that no one should ever miss. This should be in every horror fan’s collection. “ House 2” was a good showcase for Arye Gross. The one actor who seemed to just drop off the planet. I know he does a ton of television shows, but I rarely watch television shows. The last film I personally can remember seeing him in was the one with the late Adrienne Shelley, “ Hexed”, I think it was called. “ The Second Story” takes the concept of the first film and talks about an orphaned artist who must join forces with a spirit to protect a skull. He inherits the place we learn from his dead relatives. ( That is industry talk for the actor not wanting to play ball for a sequel) His wife hates the place. Jesse and Charlie his buddy stumble upon a mystery that sees them digging up grampa from a crypt. We learn that he is not really dead but is kept in this state by a crystal skull to is a key to a portal to the past. This is a very safe family fun film. It reminds me of the concept of “ Real Genius” with “ My Science Project”. The humor in the film is dry and dark at times, but it is light fair for the family. The presentation is fair. I got the bare bones copy, so I do not know much about the special features. As a whole though, this is a fun set.

8 out of 10