Movie Review-Empire State of the Dead (DVD)

Review-Anthology films are a fixture for indie horror. Much like the found footage. It is cheap and when executed correctly could make someone noticed very fast. When I heard that Ron Bonk was putting his name on an anthology film, it had me excited. SRS Cinema in the last 12 months, have put out two sure fire cult classics in “ She Kills” and “ Night of Something Strange”. “Empire State of the Dead” will not be a cult classic, but for what it was, it is well worth a watch for any horror fan. Fuck “Zombieworld”, this is the true anthology to talk about a zombie apocalypse. The film has a smart flow to it. The shorts try so hard to give us something unique and different. We have one that tries to think of itself as a fucked up “ Reservoir Dogs”. We have another about two friends who are trying to survive that find themselves walking in on something that I will not spoil, but say this, this scene is so bizarre and insane, it is worth the buy just for this scene alone. We also get a couple who meet the wrong group and have to play a very bizarre game.

I seem to be throwing around the word, “ bizarre” a lot. If you know SRS and Bonk, that is his fucking middle name. The anthology seems to be intertwined with this story about some soldiers trying to make their way thru the undead. The acting in this film is fine, if you are familiar with the recent SRS releases, these names will ring many bells. This is a cast who are creative enough and smart enough to know what works and when to go off script to get the heat of the moment. The make up work and effects are average. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into it. This is not a film you can chastise for being boring or underwhelming. This is a film that hides its negatives fairly well. The problem I had with this film is that the running time is a little too daring, and this film could have easily been cut 10 to 15 minutes and fared better. This film has some moments that I feel fans are really going to wish they owned this film, just to watch the scenes over and over. This film also has some moments that will test patience and to see if you have a good attention span to stick with the material. As a whole, I loved the other films more, but this is a good addition to the SRS family, and who knows with repeat viewings what can happen. The film is average, and horror fans may dig it. It all depends on how you feel about low budget horror.

7.5 out of 10