Movie Review-Dream Stalker (DVD)

Review-So I was watching the credits for “ The Founder”. It has a name in the credits that caught my attention, Christopher Mills. Is this the same Christopher Mills who did the 1991 baddie film I have to review, “ Dream Stalker”? My curiosity took me to IMDB to see that in fact it was him. Keep in mind, he did not have a directorial credit, he had a music credit. “ Dream Stalker” is your basic possessive boyfriend film that we have seen a million times. Unlike the film “ Fear” that launched the career of Mark Wahlberg, this film is fairly low budget in all aspects. That being said, this film is fun enough for a quick watch with no thought put into it. This film is worst, when you start trying to make sense of it or put logic into it. The acting in this film is fairly good for the most part. It is like all people involved understood what they were working with, and were there to have fun with the material. The make up effects and pacing are very well done and this film is anything but boring.

That being said, this film is lacking on logic as I said early. The characters in this film are stupid for the sake of being dumb. This film could have fared better with a more horror understanding to all involved. Normal people in normal situations do not act like this. I brought up early that Mills was involved in music and sound for a film, that shocks me. This film has some of the worst sound mixing I have ever heard. At times, the dialogue is completely cancelled out by noise that is so blatant. This film is all about building to a climax, sadly that is where the huge issue with this film does lie. The climax to this film is so cheap and absurd, that it made me regret watching the film. There was zero thought put into the last ten minutes of this film. I am pretty sure if you asked anyone involved today they would pretend you cussed them out and want to fight you. The first hour of this film is fair, it was nothing to write home about but it was nothing so bad you wanted to turn it off. The last ten minutes was an abortion, a fucking abomination. They should have an address at the end of the credits to mail you back your money or time that you wasted once you realize that is the way it ended. On a scale of one to ten, I would rank this film as a secret. I would not want anyone to know I ever watched it.