Anime Review-My Hero Academia: Season One (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-I am fairly still new to anime. Though, I have dipped into the pools in the past with titles like “ Death Note” and “ Ghost in the Shell”. In the last six months, I have reviewed maybe 10 to 12 titles. Each title has either impressed me where I am more into the genre, or had me questioning what I am doing. “ My Hero Academia” is a very good introduction to a new fan at what anime is clearly all about. To binge watch this season one was clearly one of the best times I have had watching a season of anime. What is the best thing about season one? That there is a season two that is airing right now as I write this. Do not think for one moment, I am not on this. The story of this anime centers around this odd and alternative to our world. It seems in this universe, 4/5ths of the population has a superpower. This story focuses on one student who does not have a power, but is aspiring for one to be a hero. He has been taken admiration by this hero called All Might. Each of the other characters in this anime have their own power, which is both creative and unique for the viewer to discover.

The soundtrack to this show is very epic and tense. The anime does fall in a few traps, we have the rival which is fair but when compared to past rivals in past animes, this one fails a bit. The tournament scenario does pop its ugly head. The biggest positive is the look and tone of this show. It just looks slick and the sound of it is amazing. They spared no expense as to create a genius look. The voice work was very captivating and bold. It keeps your attention but yet respects you enough to know not to insult your intelligence. The flow of this show is so quick paced. It feels like the story just tells itself at times, where you are just trying to get it all in. The negatives as I discussed earlier, it does fall into some familiar holes. I get why they went in the direction, but I felt that there were other avenues that could have worked just as effectively. If you want something addicting but yet smart, this could be the perfect show for you. This is another example of how animation is really dictating to Hollywood what fans are craving. They do not want cheap remakes or rip offs, they want original and smart. This show is both original and uniquely smart. This one will get watched again very soon and the second season is in my future as well.

9 out of 10