Wrestling Review-YouShoot:Tod Gordon

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries has delivered the second part of the Tod Gordon trilogy with YouShoot. The trilogy began with a “ Timeline” on ECW in the early years. The wrestling dvd that every person (including me) called one of the best “ Timelines”. How do you follow up that piece of art? By making Tod Gordon be subjected to the insanity of the YouShoot fans. If you are not familiar with the concept of a YouShoot, it is fairly simple. Host Sean Oliver gets out his computer, and his guest sits beside him and the fans send in the questions for the guest to ask. This series is one of the more popular deals right now in the industry of shoot interview. Let’s be honest, if I gave you three names: Tod Gordon, Ken Anderson or Hurricane Shane Helms and asked you, “ Which of these names do you feel could deliver on a shoot”. You would easily think of the professional business man would be below the two professional wrestlers who have a legitimate beef with the industry. Shocking enough, the two pro wrestlers turned bitch and the businessman delivered the best shoot interview easily since the Insane Clown Posse. Tod is not shy about stirring up controversy and calling people out on bull shit. This near 2 hour shoot was funny and also provided a ton of stories that we finally know the truth to. Tod discusses everything from his early days of being a wrestling fan all the way to the Monday Night Mayhem announcement. For people who remember the podcast out of my hometown, they had a show that told us that Tod Gordon and rumored Paul Heyman had a major deal coming soon. Tod goes over that period and time pretty well. He also talks about all the reunion shows (except the TNA one). The selling point to this shoot was watching his reactions to his ex stars Timeline videos. He got to see first hand the Sandman in his Timeline shoot. You could tell Tod felt embarrassed for the Sandman. He also was shocked at what he was allowed with saying.

Then, he watches the New Jack timeline and Jack tells a rat story that Tod gives the reality of that night. This leads me to think that you should have the ECW timelines come out with a bonus director’s commentary with Tod Gordon. I wonder how he would react to how the stars talked about things at the time. Sean Oliver also played him the Sunny porn for his feedback. Tod’s reaction was odd but it had me laughing. Tod has a great sense of humor and gets what the deal of this show is about and embraces it. At the beginning of this review, I mentioned the word, “ trilogy”. It seems that this dvd ends on a cliffhanger. I would guess it could be a “ Guest Booker”. I would rather have it a “Missy Hyatt Pajama Party”. The shock to me is how fast he was about his feelings for Jim Cornette. I would have thought different. This shoot can also dispel rumors of John Zandig that have made the internet in the last decade. Another odd thing to me is when you talk to Rob Black, he swears up and down he had meetings with Tod Gordon. That Tod was going to fund XPW and help him. Tod also dispels that rumor as well. The odd part is both sides are saying something completely different. If you ask Kevin Kleinrock, he is also saying something different from the two. I have heard of wrestling stories have two different sides from people who were there, but this one seems to have 4 different sides (if you include Shane Douglas) of people who claim they were there. All in all, this was a great shoot interview and if you are not on board with what Tod has done with these guys, you are truly missing out. I am excited for the third trip with these two.

9 out of 10