The Best of Tim Conway (DVD)


During his frequent guest appearances on The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway, who had originally gotten his start on McHale’s Navy, was a one-man wrecking crew capable of leveling the audience and cast members alike with the slightest gesture. With his unparalleled gift for improvisation and physical comedy, Conway became a permanent part of the cast in 1975 and would go on to create a gallery of oddball characters that blossomed in their own bumbling ineptitude, from the “Oldest Man” to the irascible boss, Mr. Tudball.

THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE BEST OF TIM CONWAY celebrates this matchless, legendary comic with four complete episodes – three not seen in more than 40 years – featuring some of his most unforgettable characters and moments.


Conway’s “Oldest Man” gives himself a slo-mo oil change playing the default head of a racetrack pit crew.
In “The Virgin Prince,” he’s a “swishbuckling” tour de farce with an appetite for flies and destruction.
Conway plays “The Lone Ranger” and acts like man’s best friend in “Dog’s Life” (blooper included!).
The legendary Conway/Korman sketch, “The Dentist”— one of the all-time-great moments of physical comedy.
Conway stars as Mr. Tudball, well-known for his strange accent and regimented work style, who takes leave of his senses while showing compassion for his dimwitted secretary, Mrs. Wiggins (Carol Burnett).

You’ll get 4 complete episodes.
Three episodes haven’t been seen in over 40 years!
Perfect for fans of The Carol Burnett Show.
These are the best episodes featuring comedy legend Tim Conway.
Over $35 million already in DRTV spending for The Carol Burnett Show!
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Originally titled Carol Burnett and Friends, The Carol Burnett show started airing in syndication in the 1960’s. The show ran 11 seasons and for good reason, no matter what your mood was before you turned this show on, it would be laughter by the time you ended the episode. This variety/sketch show to me really had its best runs after 1974 and Tim Conway coming on. You had Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence and at one time Lyle Wagoner who along with Carol really made this show so inspirational and groundbreaking. I will admit I feel off when Dick Van Dyke came on in its later years and I really was a fan of the early days of the spin-off show Mama’s Family. This show was ranked by TV guide in the top 20 best shows ever which if that was not accomplishment enough, it won over 20 Emmy Awards. One of my favorite gags on the show was when Tim Conway would get into his character so much, you would see others try not to laugh, and Korman was always spotted trying to hide his smirk and turn away when he was laughing. If nothing else, this show showcased such a flair for sharp wit comedy at times, and at others such an absurdist view of dumb shtick that is going to make you laugh and feel guilty for it. This new box set I really loved, some of this stuff I have not seen in years.

I will admit the first 4 to 6 seasons I was too young to remember, but I remember seeing them in later years on reruns. This set includes the first ever episode which you could see the talent, with the debut of some sketches that would carry on for years to come. The kicker is that we are told Carol herself pick all these out for us, which makes them so personal to me. I enjoyed watching the last set which was entitled The Ultimate Carol Burnett. Thes uncut shows from 1967 and 1972 are all new to me, and glad they were not on any of the collections I owned already. You also have such a vast array of guests on this Bob Newhart, Lucille Ball (Carol’s comedy hero), Don Rickles, Bing Crosby and so many more. This is such a beautiful nostalgic trip into the past of when television had no bounds and rules, and it always went for the throat in terms of wanting to give the audience something different. This show like Saturday Night Live, Sanford and Son, Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan’s Island, Twilight Zone, The Night Stalker, and so many more were so inspirational to me. This is such a must buy for any fan.