Television Review-Wolf Creek: Season 1

Review-When I went to see the first “ Wolf Creek” film in theaters, I did not ever think in my wildest that it would expand into a sequel. Once, I saw the sequel and was underwhelmed, did I see that they would be turning it into a television show? This television show has so much promise, the sad thing is after the promise is not realized, what really is there to talk about? The series follows a teenage girl named Eve. She is visiting Australia with her family. While there, she encounters Mick Taylor. She barely escapes while her family does not. Now, Eve is on a course to meet up with him again to avenge her family. (Think of Billy Jack with breasts) This show, I am not sure what they were thinking. A full season was a risk, and one that they were not clearly equipped for. The first episode was fair, but it was not something I would call a “ a successful pilot”. The last episode of the season I did like a lot. Eve seems to find herself in a series of obstacles that are stretched out like this season of “ The Walking Dead”. Where they could solve this problem in seconds, why waste a whole episode. This show lacked a depth that I felt it needed, there is really no emotional connection to anything on this show. What is truly missing is a solid direction and a personality that would make a viewer excited about it. This show also has very bad pacing issues. It really never establishes itself.

It feels that the show was trying to establish an identity and it did not know how to advance to get this show one. The middle episodes of this series you get very little from our two main stars sharing scenes, we get little odd and end pieces but nothing worth talking about. This show is trying so hard to make an impression but fails to. I am not sure, if the two main characters should be blamed. I feel this show would have served better to let them improvise and go with the flow. This show felt a little too polished and trying to cater not only to a horror fan base but a mainstream one as well, which I feel was a fail. “ The Walking Dead” and “ Dexter” failed when they toned down the horror for more human stories that take over whole episodes. People want a familiarity but they also want to live up to a promise. I feel “ Wolf Creek” while a cult film at best, did not warrant a sequel or this show. I will not say this show is all bad, it has some redeeming moments about it, but as a whole it may be misunderstood by me. I may be the problem, and this may be a great television show, I do not know. I tried very hard and went thru the whole first season wanting so much more than what I was given. I will say this, I did take the third episode and rewatch it. For some reason, I was envisioning The Who-” Who’s Next” cd. So, I played the whole episode with the cd playing thru the episode. If people know this cd and the show, you will know the line that is uttered in the episode that made me feel that this could be a good idea.

4 out of 10