Movie Review-Wishmaster Collection (4 Film) [Blu-ray]

Review-There have been so many rumors about horror and major studios. The latest rumor is that this is last Vestron title for Lionsgate. I have heard from some heads at Lionsgate that they are planning on something in October, not sure if this will involve Vestron or not or even horror? If “ Wishmaster” is the last of the titles, what a great way to end this run. “ Wishmaster” follows the rules of a horror franchise. You have the first film that people will always remember with a huge smile on their faces. Then, you get the second film which is a lower budget affair with some great ideas and concepts on display but feels bastardized by its lack of budget. The 3rd movie loses the key actor and has to go on an even smaller budget ahc very cheapily shot horror. The 4th film you begin to question your sanity and why you stuck it out this far. This film is a pale image of the original and so off the track, that you wish you stopped after 2 or 3. This series lends itself to camp, but in such a rich and fun way that showcases a bold statement for horror. This series has always been a high-concept very darkly sinister fun supernatural ride. I can remember Entertainment Weekly giving the first film a D. The critics all tore it apart. I went with a girlfriend at the time to the midnight show on opening night. We were the only two people in the theater. Andrew Divoff became a horror icon to me during that film. I was laughing and spooked out by this film. The first two films alone is well worth purchasing this HD transfer. The quality of the films is just perfect for the horror geeks like me. The biggest joy of my young 49 years of life was to unbox this fucker and stick it in my 4d Blu Ray player. “ Wishmaster” has never looked any better.

This is a film that is made for HD television. Divoff is so sinister, he starts to snarl on the surround sound and had me freaking out. This film holds up so well all these years later. The casting alone, you got Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Ted Raimi, Ricco Ross, George “Buck” Flower, Reggie Bannister, and Joseph Pilato. The bonus features you have a fucking stacked plate. You have two audio commentaries. I was not a fan of the one with Robert Kurtzman and Peter Atkins. It seems that they were struggling for things to say. It felt very forced and just annoying. The one with Kurtzman with Divoff I listened to half and got into it, but at this point I watched the first film almost three times in a row. I had to start watching the other three movies. I am a fan of the second film. The look and feel of this film was perfect. I actually saw this film also in a movie theater, and I feel this transfer excelled that one. This was a weird take on the film but it was also a darkly lit humor filled one. Half of this film comes across like a prison film and the other half feel like they are trying to give us a cheaper version of part one. The look of the third film is fantastic. I cannot believe they gave all four films the upgrade to 1080p. John Novak does the best he can with the role. This is a very low budget badly written take on the film. The fourth film is a truly lost cause. I tried so hard and the look and picture are incredible. I just am not a fan of the fourth film. If you love the Wishmaster series, this is a must own. I loved the first two films, tolerated the third and will never admit to knowing there is a 4th film.

8 out of 10