Movie Review-The Creeps: Deformed Monsters (Blu Ray)

Review-A show of hands, how many people watched Full Moon Videos in the 80’s? If you were a hororr fan and remember the video store craze, Troma and Full Moon were the go to fixes each week. It seemed that both labels were pushing out films on small budgets that gave fans something to talk about. In 2017, god bless Charles Band still around providing fun for the next generation of horror fans. The blu ray for “ The Creeps” is a trip back in time for me. The film came out in 1997, but it truly feels like the old school mentality of the 80’s is all over this film. The script is choppy and uneven. The acting in this film is corny and very odd at times. That being said, this film has such a charm and heart that I had fun with it. The film centers on this rare book new librarian named Anna. She discovers that a man who is pretending to be a university professor has made off with Frankenstein manuscript written by Shelley. She realizes that she needs to get it back, so she hires a private detective who moonlights as a video store manager named David. Davis gets a clue of where the database is and finds out the thief is actually Dr. Winston Berber, a man who is suspected in a handful of weird thefts. When the Dr. goes back to the library to steal the first edition of Stoker’s Dracula, Anna tries to stop him. Unable to stop him, Anna is soon kidnapped and is going to be used by Berber as a sacrifice to help bring all the legendary monsters to life.

This film is cheese, and it is so proud of it. I had moments when I was amused by it, and others that I sort of smirked at the absurdity. That is the beauty though, of a film like this. It is just absurd fun. This is the type of film that if you are having a crisis at the moment, could help you forget it and just have fun. This film is never meant to be serious, it is meant to be Corman like. The film is low budget horror at its absolute fun spirit. I feel that people forget in life, why we watch films. We do not watch them to get on computers and gripe and think we are above the experience. We watch them for the experience. This film is not about the destination, it is about the journey. For what this film offers, it is true Full Moon to the bone. These films are what is missing so bad in today’s reality. Charles Band deserves so much credit for his legacy. Thank you so much for some very awesome memories in my lifetime. None of those include the Corey Feldman Puppet Masters.

8 out of 10