Movie Review-The Creeping Garden (Director Approved 3-Disc Limited Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD]

Review-Imagine for one second if Darren Aronofsky did a documentary about “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, if it was a reality and not fiction. That is what you should be expecting in this documentary. Directors Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp take a relatively harmless object like slime mold and create a documentary that feels more depressingly fearful than scientific. We learn that this organism continues to be a stumble for scientists due to how complex its cell structure and behavior is. It is pretty safe to say, if you know very little about this topic, you will not feel alienated. They tell us early on, that they are single-celled which is odd because they have this ability to bond with one another.

The film adopts this science fiction feel when talking about the mold, but has this somber and defeating mood when we see the scientists trying to figure this out. The film creates so many different atmospheres that it is easy to feel the director is bipolar. This film I found very fascinating and that is coming from someone who hated science in school. The story takes such a welcome approach that they do not want to dumb people down but try not to be smarter than them either. This film has a balance of lesson and character study that blend very well. The more you follow this story, the stronger your fascination grows. This film has such an odd pacing to it. I feel that the directors wanted their story to be told, but at times were unsure at how exactly that could be done. The film in the last twenty minutes does seem like they were running out of creative ideas.

As a whole, I enjoyed this film for what it was. I love learning about new things, and this film had a tone and atmosphere that felt dark and paranoid. You feel like they were wanting to get the story told and had no issue with how the mood presented itself. This film can make science fans happy and also regular mainstream movie-goers as well. I would say, if you want something unique and different, this film is definitely for you. Patience though is required for the last half of the film.

8 out of 10